Kid Pics

Anti-Cheesy Kid Pics: $20 for the 1st kid
($10 for each additional kid or location)
15 minutes with each kid in one location. This tops out at $50, so it is an excellant deal for any parents with more than 4 rugrats.

All sessions include your session on cd in high resolution, ready for printing at your preferred print lab.

Some Older Kids

2nd Birthday

Justin Turned 1!


Baby B

All Dressed Up

School Pictures

School Pics you'll want to hang on the wall.

Hillsboro Main Library

1..2..3.. Eyes On Me!

Meet Miss Yaya


It's Raining Girls?

Studio Time

I Only Have 10 Minutes

Found a Snip and a Snail

Under the Oregon Sun

Sand Between Our Toes

Cousins, Identical Cousins... Maybe not.

Leapin' Lizards!