Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brinley D

The sweet story of Brinley. Her pics were taken one week after she was born. She was so strong and alert... a pure joy to photograph!

Baby Eyes

And Baby Toes

Baby Hands

And Baby Nose

Sleeping Baby

Or Wide Awake

Sister's Love

Will Keep You Safe

Dream In Peaceful Slumber, Do

For When You Wake Up

We Will Be There Smiling At You.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

School Pics

School has started up again here in Colorado, and I feel a rush to get my kids' school pics done before all of their cute new clothes are ruined ;) Here are some of the ones from last year.


I went back home for a short visit and discovered that one of my best friends was moving away. It was so sad because I had known and photographed her children for so long! Her family was actually my first photography job. We eeked out a tiny half hour session between her busy schedule and mine. The location was mediocre, and the time was all too short, but we still had fun and captured some great memories and photos.

Baby Blessings

I lucked out when I went to visit my sister this spring. She was a week late in delivering, so I arrived just at the perfect time for newborn photos. Baby Maren was so adorable to work with! She fussed a bit in the beginning, but with a little maneuvering from Mom and I, we got some great shots!!

This one may be my all time favorite :D